Sharing their dreams in English

Sharing and working with your dreams in English? Here are a few thoughts from three of an international dream group, working in English, online.

”First of all I experience our meetings being unique and personal.

I was touched by a dreamers’s struggle and overwhelmed because it immediately reminded me of a period when in my life with children, marriage and above all very high work ambitions in my job. Fortunately, I am now in calmer waters after retirement.

Our meetings continue to have an impact on me for a long time afterwards.

I like our disciplined working method, I feel safe and we all are aimed at supporting the dreamer as best as we can.

For me, Zoom is no obstacle at all. One hindrance is that I find it difficult expressing myself in detail and nuanced in English.

For comparison, we have a dream group here in my country for some years now. The meetings are pleasant, but there is a lot of ’noise’ in the form of tea, coffee, chatting in between, starting too late. As a result there is little concentration. We use the Ullman structure but often stray along the way. I try to monitor that, but I am not successful enough. The result is that less comes out.

In short: I am happy that I am participating in our Dreamwork group via Zoom.”

“I always feel deeply nourished on a spiritual level after our meetings.

Here are some thoughts on doing this digitally vs. In physical reality: Since my only experience with the Ullman method is online, I cannot compare it to a physical group meeting, but I can say something about how this digital forum works in comparison to other digital meetings that I have participated in.


For me, doing dream group online actually works. It doesn’t feel like a lesser alternative than meeting physically. During the last couple of years, I have often found myself thinking after attending courses or groups online: Why does not this digital meeting feel as satisfactory as my dream group meetings?


One reason is that the dream group do not rely on social interaction to create a group identity. Instead we have a clear “script” through the Ullman method, that guides us into meaningful interaction with each other, and supports group dynamics, since it encourages all to participate.


The other reason why it works so well for me, and not creates that abstinence of human physical contact that I often feel during other digital meetings, is that most of the interaction happens on the inside. I do not need to sit eye to eye in order to imagine someone else’s dream. In fact, I believe it might even be an advantage to sit in the comfort of your own home in order to fully engage with inner worlds. 


And all though I would really have liked to meet you all in the real world, to get to know you better. I don’t feel that is necessary in order for us to interact through our dreams.”

“Today, I’d like to share some heartfelt words that emerged after our recent session.

I want to extend my deepest gratitude to you and the entire Drömgruppsforum for granting me the incredible opportunity to be a part of the Ullman Group of Dream Appreciation. This experience has left a profound impact on my life, touching upon three key areas that I’d like to reflect upon.


A Journey of Joy and Discovery

Participating in this group has been an absolute delight, offering a unique and enjoyable way to explore dreams and, by extension, life itself. Through my involvement, I’ve unearthed the incredible power of dreams to forge meaningful connections with myself, my personal history, and my overall existence.


Healing and Transformation

One of the most remarkable aspects of this group has been the healing experiences it has provided, unlike any other modality I’ve encountered. The ability to connect with fragmented parts of myself, both personally and socially, and then weave them into the collective tapestry of our group has been profoundly valuable. Exploring the metaphors hidden within life’s ”Mangos of dreams” has transformed my perspective in ways I couldn’t have imagined. The contributions from fellow members have been a constant source of inspiration, resonating with me long after our Ullman sessions have concluded.


The Power of Unseen Connections

What truly stands out is the remarkable capacity of this group to foster connections that transcend physical boundaries. Despite never having met each other in person and our interactions being confined online to the two hours we spend together delving into dream-work, the depth of connection we’ve achieved is unparalleled in my personal experience. This newfound ability to connect genuinely and simply with others is a lesson I cherish dearly.”

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