Montague Ullman Dream Group Leadership Community of Practice


I'm holding a weekend Montague Ullman Dream Group Leadership Community of Practice in which various dream group leaders who have trained with Monte come together to take turns leading the group. The idea is that now that Monte is gone, we will continue to train under him by learning from each other. Because each of us is a different and unique person we each picked up something different or unique from him. This way we can share and pass it around.


I'm hoping this becomes a yearly event an generates a higher quality practice in us all.  Let me know if you might be interested in coming. I know New York is a long hike at such short notice.  We are holding this on the weekend of September 7 and 8. We originally planned a three-day event like Monte's weekends but several local individuals are working that Friday. In the future it will be three days. Probably about the same time of the year each year, as we come from Taiwan to do this. There is no charge for this program. It is a way we can all make an offering to Monte. Let me know if you are interested by return e-mail to  


If enough individuals attend from outside this area, I will make it three days, so it will be worth the long trip.  It would be great to have Monte's favorite dream workers here in New York again doing dreams with us.


I hope you can come and join us to contribute what you know and the expertise you have developed and learn from what the rest of us do.

Please feel free to pass this message on to others who lead Ullman dream groups in your area.


Bill Stimson

333 W. 21st Street, Apt 2FW, New York, NY 10011