Conclusions from the Final Session

at the Nordic Dream Conference 24-26 March, 2006 in Copenhagen



The participants, who came from Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Holland, Germany, UK agreed on to have formed a Nordic and a North European Network on the Study of Dreams.


a)      Foundation

The foundation of the networks are:

-         the multidisciplinary approach

-         stretching from academic studies, professional applied studies to experiential dreamwork

-         open to the all approaches and also to the general public

-         part of/linked to IASD, its ethical framework etc.


b)      Geography

The Nordic Network will be operational vis a vis the Nordic public and institutions.


The North European Network (= the Nordic Network+other North Europeans) is intended to be a first step towards a stronger European network and contacts for the International Association for the Study of Dreams.


c)      Contact group

A contact group was established for the Nordic and North European Network:


The contact group was by purpose appointed in a way so it included both representatives from the countries and within the respective countries as a minimum contact persons for both “Academic Studies” and for “Dreamwork”. This is seen to be necessary to foster multidisciplinarity and respect for different approaches, both theoretical, professional and experiential. In those countries where this is not the case, it’s the intention to get to that later.



Academic: Antti RevonsuoDepartment of Philosophy, Center for Cognitive Neuroscience, University of Turku, e-mail: Antti Revonsuo []


Dreamwork (Ullmanian) / Finnish Dream Group ForumMarkku Siivola, Linnankoskenkatu 1 A 4, 00250 Helsinki, Finland. E-mail:  Please see -> Markku. Tel +358 400 666996



Dreamwork (Ullmanian) / Swedish Dream Group Forum: Gunnar Sundström (chairperson)

Paradisgatan 26 C, 413 16  Göteborg, Sverige. Tel (mobile): 0046-0762115766 . E-mail:



Professional applications: Helge Salvesen, Hvalstadveien 36 C, 1395 Hvalstad, Oslo, +47 95 91 94 03

Helge Salvesen volunteered to do research on other contacts in Norway who would have interest in the study of dreams through different approaches.



Danish Association for the Study of Dreams,  Jette Cabo (chairperson). Private: Lundbyesgade 19, st., 1771  København V, 33227372,  e-mail: Also refer to:



Academic: Michael Schredl, Central Institute of Mental Health, J 5, 68259 Mannheim, Germany. Tel +49/621/1703-1782. Fax +49/621/1703-1205. E-mail:



Dutch Dream Organisation: Harry Bosma, Private: Schoener 24, Kropswolde, 9606 Netherlands,


United Kingdom:

Academic: Kate Adams, Bishop Grosseteste College, Newport, Lincoln, LN1 3DY, UK, +44 15 22 58 37 41



d )  Information

It was agreed that initially the most important function of the network is to exchange information.


Heidi Frier from The Danish organisation volunteered to function as an anchor for information from the network through their web-page. Heidi’s contact address is: Heidi Frier, Åvej 30 b, 3500 Værløse, Denmark. Tel. +45-44980206 or +45-28964415. E-mail:

Harry Bosma (Holland) and Markku Siivola (Finland) also volunteered to help as appropriate on this and other internet-features to be developed.

Olaf Gerlach Hansen said that it would be beneficial to integrate as much as possible with existing info-functions at the international organisation, in order not to “double” the work and he also mentioned that he was working on some regular information e.g. bi-annually from IASD on the yearly conference and membership. He volunteered to help with the integration.


e )  Next Regional Meeting:

Kate Adams offered to host a next regional meeting at her College in the United Kingdom, which is Bishop Grosseteste College in Lincoln, England (close to Nottingham), UK. The Danish Association for the Study of Dreams and IASD offered to help with the planning as well.

The tentative timing proposed was May 2007.


Olaf Gerlach Hansen mentioned that he had noted that a dream network has been created in Istanbul, Turkey, and that one of their members had mentioned they might have an interest in hosting a later regional meeting. The participants at the meeting expressed clear interest, if the Turkish group are still interested in seeking to organise a regional meeting in Istanbul, Turkey in 2008 or 2009.


By showing of hands the majority of the participants indicated that they would seriously consider to go to the regional meeting in the UK in 2007, and also that they would seriously consider the same if a regional was organised in Turkey.



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